Today’s economy runs on reliable delivery services. If your business depends on your ability to deliver your products quickly and efficiently, IDG Courier has a comprehensive fleet of vehicles to get them there. Before you choose your delivery vehicle, you need to have an idea of the size of your load. You will need to know how many pallets of items you need to send and the weight of the shipment. With this information, you can start choosing the right vehicle for the job.

Unsure about which delivery vehicle you need? At IDG Courier, we understand that deliveries come in a wide variety of sizes. That is why we offer a full selection of delivery vehicles. Whether you need to ship a single pallet of goods or more than a dozen, we have the right vehicle for you. To get an idea of the available vehicle delivery sizes, take a look at this handy guide to our fleet.

Small Vans

Cargo Capacity: 1 UK standard pallet
Length: 1.5 m
Width: 1.2 m
Height: 1.1 m
Maximum Weight: 350 kg

Short Wheelbase Vans

Cargo Capacity: 2 UK standard pallets
Length: 2.0 m
Width: 1.2 m
Height: 1.3 m
Maximum Weight: 1,000 kg

Long Wheelbase Vans

Cargo Capacity: 3 UK standard pallets
Length: 3.0 m
Width: 1.2 m
Height: 1.7 m
Maximum Weight: 1,400 kg

4.2 Metre Sprinters

Cargo Capacity: 4 UK standard pallets
Length: 4.2 m
Width: 1.25 m
Height: 1.75 m
Maximum Weight: 1,250 kg

Luton Vans

Cargo Capacity: 6 UK standard pallets
Length: 4.0 m
Width: 2.0 m
Height: 1.85 m
Maximum Weight: 1,000 kg

7.5 Tonne Trucks

Cargo Capacity: 10 UK standard pallets
Length: 6.0 m
Width: 2.3 m
Height: 2.2 m
Maximum Weight: 2,800 kg

18 Tonne Trucks

Cargo Capacity: 14 UK standard pallets
Length: 7.3 m
Width: 2.4 m
Height: 2.5 m
Maximum Weight: 9,000 kg

Still confused? Just contact us today at IDG Courier for more information about how our delivery vehicles can keep your business on the move!